email:      info@marinabell.org

website:  www.marinabell.org


M.F.A.          Ohio University, School of Art, Sculpture and Expanded Practice Dept. 2005 - 2008.

B.F.A.           James Madison University, School of Art, Sculpture Dept. 2001 - 2005.

                     New School University, School of Art, Art History Dept. Fall 2003.

                     Museum of Modern Art Intern, Dept. of Film and Media. Fall 2003.


I-Park Foundation. East Haddam, CT. Jul. 2016.

The Land Institute. “H.M.S. Hydra.” Salina, KS: Sep. 2015.

Stone Quarry Hill Art Park. “Ruderal Species.” Cazenovia, NY: Jul. 2014.

Josephine Sculpture Park. “Else-ing Elsewhere.” Frankfort, KY: Jun. 2014.

Zentrum Fur Kunst Und Urbanistik. “Fetishizing Colonialism.” Berlin: Dec. 2013.

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Helen Mauck Galbreath Chapel. “Be Appropriate.” Athens, OH: Oct. 2006.

Zirkle House Galleries. “Velvet Pillow Exploration #1.” Harrisonburg, VA: Mar. 2005.

Zirkle House Galleries. “The Shape of Smoke.” Harrisonburg, VA: Oct. 2004.


Spark Gallery. “Paradox.” Juried exhibition. Lawrence Argent, juror. Denver, CO. Aug.-Sep.


NOTO Arts Place. Topeka, KS. May 2017.

Lawrence Percolator. “Heating Up: Artists Respond to Climate Change.” Curated exhibition,

                 Lawrence, KS: Mar.-Apr. 2016.

Len G. Everett Gallery. “Inspiration: Foundations Exhibition.” Juried exhibition for the

                 Foundations in Art: Theory and Education conference at Monmouth College.

                 Monmouth, Il: Feb.-Apr. 2016.

Mulvane Art Museum. “Faculty Exhibition.” Topeka, KS: Fall 2015.

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. “Adjunct.” Jared Steffensen, curator. Apr.-Jul. 2015.

Mulvane Art Museum. “Drift and Drag: Reflections on Water.” Topeka, KS: Jan.-Mar. 2015.

Área: Lugar De Proyectos. “Gallery Tally.” Puerto Rico. Dec. 2014.

For Your Art. “Gallery Tally.” Los Angeles: Mar. - Apr. 2014.

Fredericksburg Art Center. “Space and Form.” Juried exhibition, Fredericksburg, VA:

                 Mar. 2014.

University Art Gallery, Truman State University. “Apocalyptic.” Juried exhibition, with

                 honorarium. Aaron Fine and Bob Mielke, curators. Kirksville, MO: Jan.-Feb. 2014.

Tennessee Valley Museum of Art. “Art of the State.” Tuscumbia, AL: Jan. 2014.

Kimball Art Center. “Relevant 2013 Exhibit.” Park City, UT: Aug. 2013.

Five Myles Gallery. “American Landscape.” Brooklyn, New York: Nov. 2012.                         

Claypool-Young Art Gallery, Morehead State University. “New Country: Ruralism in

                Contemporary Art.” Juried Exhibition. Morehead, KY: Nov. 2012.

Union Grove Gallery, University of Alabama Huntsville. “Faculty Exhibition.” Huntsville, AL:

                Oct.-Nov. 2012.

The Art Lot. “Pop Paradigms.” Brooklyn, New York: May.-Sep. 2012.

Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, Tuscumbia, AL; Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts,

                Gadsen, AL;  Johnson Center for the Arts, Troy, AL; and Fayette Art Museum,

                Fayette, AL. “2012 Art of the State.” Juried traveling exhibition: Jan.-Nov. 2012.

Clara M. Eagle Gallery at Murray State University. “White Hot Gold.” Juried exhibition.

                Murray, KY: Jan.-Feb. 2012.

Storefront for Art & Architecture. “Strategies for Public Occupation.” New York City: Dec. 2011.

Park City Museum. “Park City Pets.” Park City, UT: Nov.-Dec. 2011.

Toomer Labzda Gallery. “Step and Repeat.”  New York City: Sep.-Nov. 2011.

University of Michigan Media Gateway. “Transmission, Multi-Disciplinary Interactive Gallery

                Installation.” Ann Arbor, MI: Apr. 2011.

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. “New Waves 2011.” Juried Exhibition. Virginia Beach, VA:

                Feb. 2011.

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. “Snap to Grid.” Los Angeles: Nov. 2010.

Kimball Art Center. “Relevant 2010 Exhibit.” Park City, UT: Aug. 2010.

Sculpture Space. “Becoming-Piano” Resident Artist Exhibition,  Utica, NY: May. 2010.

Patton-Malott Gallery. “Crystalline Justice” Resident Artist Exhibition, Snowmass, CO: Feb. 2010.

Vermont Studio Center. “Patching a Hole” Resident Artist Exhibition, Johnson, VT: Jan. 2010.

St. Regis Hotel. “Matchstick Dalmatian” Dogs of Bark City Juried Exhibition, Park City, UT:

                Dec. 2009.

Kayo Gallery. “Round 1.” Salt Lake City, UT: Jul. 2009.

Spiro Arts. “Landscape Harmonies with a Radio Zipline” Park City, UT: Jul. 2009.

McJunkin Gallery. “The Zipper Dip” collaborative installation with Heidi Bender for the 

               show “Premier.” Charleston, WV: Aug. 2008.

Cleveland Ingenuity Festival. “The Crooked River in First and Third Persons” in collaboration

               with Spurse, David Jensenius and Shaun White. Cleveland, OH: Jul. 2008.

ArtWorks Gallery. “All Media Show.” Juried Exhibition. Richmond, VA: Jan. 2008.

Union Arts. “Mapping My Imperfections” documentation of a performance exhibited for the 

               “Local Works Show.”  Athens, OH: Apr. 2007.

Mercer Gallery. “Inked Instruments” for the “Bureau of Emergent Co-Evolutionary Agents”

               (with Spurse). Rochester, NY: Mar. 2007.

Union Arts. “Apply as Desired” collaborative video with Andrea Anderson for the show

               “Flux Capacitor,” Athens, OH: Mar. 2007.

Seigfred Gallery. “Improvements on a Piano” exhibited at the show “Mystic Visions, Cosmic

               Vibrations.” Athens, OH: Mar. 2007.

Hilton Village Gallery. “Face Like an Empty Pond, The Day After” painting.

               Newport News, VA: Jan. 2007.

ArtWorks Gallery. “All Media Show.” Juried exhibition. Richmond, VA: Jan. 2007.

RoyGBiv Gallery. “Mapping My Imperfections” documentation of a performance exhibited

               for the “Small Works” drawing exhibit. Columbus, OH: Dec. 2006.

Aesthetic Technologies Lab. “Smoking” video is ceiling projected in conjunction with ISEA

              (International Symposium on Electronic Art), San Jose, CA: Aug. 2006.

Trisolini Art Gallery. “Hawser with Vaseline” exhibited at the show “The A-Team.”

              Athens, OH: Jan. 2006.

Sawhill Gallery. “If Not You, Who?” Juried Exhibition.Harrisonburg, VA: Apr. 2005.

Charles Taylor Arts Center. “Primarium” for the “Hampton Arts League Annual Member’s

              Exhibition.” Hampton, VA: Winter 2004.


I-Park Foundation, full fellowship. East Haddam, CT: Summer 2016.

Montello Foundation, full fellowship. Montello, NV: Summer 2016.

Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, full fellowship. Cazenovia, NY: Summer 2014.

Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) Center for Art and Urbanistics. Berlin: Dec 2013 &

                Jun. 2014.

Elsewhere. Greensboro, NC: Summer 2013.

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts full fellowship. Amherst, VA: Summer 2013.

Blue Sky Project, full fellowship funded by the University of Dayton. Dayton, OH: Summer 2011.

Sculpture Space, full fellowship funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Utica, NY:

                Summer 2010.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, full fellowship funded by Joan Mitchell Foundation. Snowmass,

                MA: Winter 2010.

Vermont Studio Center, full fellowship. Johnson, VT: Jan. 2010.

Spiro Arts, full fellowship. Park City, UT: Apr. 2009.


Partnership with Sculpture Space and Kirkland Art Center. “Becoming Piano,” in which a

              wheeled piano with keys covered in soft porcelain is played throughout Utica, NY

              culminating with their bisque firing using the piano for fuel. Utica, NY: May.-Jun. 2010.

Bread and Puppet Theater. Puppeteer for Haitian Relief Performance at Saint Michael’s

              College Chapel, Burlington, VT: Jan. 2010.

Vermont Studio Center. “Patching a Hole,” a hole in my denim outfit is patched with fabric from

              the same outfit leaving me with a new whole to yet again be patched. Johnson, VT:

              Jan. 2010.

USA Cycling’s Deer Creek Classic and Tom’s Trillium Tour. My “Biking Backwards,”

              is performed in these races throughout south-eastern Ohio on a racing bike I’ve

              jerry-rigged to go backwards when peddled forwards. Spring 2008.

“Concert for Speed Queen Laundromat” Collaboration with Nathan Lareau in which 2400 ping

              pong balls are put in the laundromat dryers as part of the “Attack of the Killer Ping

              Pong Balls” series. Athens, OH: Aug. 2007.

Dairy Barn Arts Center. “Mouth Mapping” performance in which I have Suzanne Seesman

              use a toothbrush with marker attached to make a map of the inside of her mouth

              while brushing, then I trace her map to brush mine. Athens, OH: Apr. 2007.

Union Arts. “Tango With Pencil” Collaborator and I are duct taped together with an 8 foot

              functional pencil between us as we tango, producing a spirograph on the dance floor.

              Halfway through we dance eraser-end-down to clean our marks. Athens, OH: Mar. 2007.

Studio Center, James Madison University. “Mapping My Imperfections.” Collaborative

              performance in which black marker is used to circle and connect my imperfections,

              drawing attention to them instead of concealing them. Harrisonburg, VA: Jan. 2005.


Trickster. Project spearheaded by Duane McDiarmid for which I served as a field collaborator

                for its manifestations on the internet, Athens, OH, and Thunder Basin, WY: 2008 - 2009.

Cleveland Ingenuity Festival. For Spurse’s “The Crooked River in First and Third Persons.” 

                The course of the Cuyahoga river is overlaid on the festival grounds via AM

                transmitters. My activity was largely in designing, building, leading a buoy that

                housed a gps unit that festival participants could call, and then receive a picture

                image corresponding to the buoy’s location. Cleveland, OH: Jul. 2008.

Union Arts Gallery. For “Biomodd” with Angelo Vermeulen and the Aesthetic Technologies

                Lab. A monumental hybrid computer/ecosystem is built for a multiplayer game.

                Athens, OH: Jan. 2007.

Cambridge Arts Council Gallery at Harvard University for Spurse’s “The Public Table, The

                Collective for the Finding of the Commons.” Responsibilities include cooking

                research, gleaning and installation. Cambridge, MA: Mar. 2006.

Abington Arts Center. For “The Lost Meeting” with J. Morgan Puett and Spurse.

                Responsibilities included construction assistant, pattern maker, and project

                representative. Philadelphia, PA: May 2005.

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. For Spurse’s “Sans Terre” for the show “The

                Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere.” My work included compiling algorithm

                based collections and installation. North Adams, MA: May 2005 – Feb. 2006.


Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning, Washburn University, Grant 2015.

Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning, Washburn University, Grant (2K) 2014.

Humanities Center, University of Alabama Huntsville, Grant (1.5K) 2013.

Smack Mellon 2011 Hot Pick: May 2011 - May 2012.

Park City Performing Arts Foundation, Artist Grant: Jul. 2009.

Selected as Ohio University’s Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship nominee (for $20K): Mar. 2008.

Selected as Ohio University’s Dedalus Foundation Fellowship nominee (for $20K): Apr. 2007.

Awarded a full tuition waver and monthly stipend as an Ohio University graduate student: 2005 - 2008.

Selected as James Madison University’s International Sculpture Center competition

                 nominee: Mar. 2005.

4 year James Madison University College of Fine Arts Grant for $4,000: 2001 - 2005.


Metropolitan State University Denver. Mar. 2017.

Visual Art Night featured artist. Visual Artists of Topeka. May 2016.

“Faculty Roundtable Discussion,” Mulvane Art Museum. Nov. 2015.

“Art Life After School,” Alumni Exhibition discussion, Mulvane Art Museum. Oct. 2014.

“Before the Casinos Come...” Unruly Engagements: On the Social Turn in Contemporary Art and

                Design Conference. Cleveland Institute of Art: Nov. 2014.

“Integrating Teaching Methods Used in Art into STEM and Other Fields,” Center for Teaching

                Excellence and Learning’s Celebration for Teaching Excellence, Washburn University.

                Topeka, KS: Apr. 2014.

Chapman University, with honorarium. Los Angeles: Mar. 2014.

“ECO ART: ACTIVISM, METHODS, AND MATERIALS. ARTspace: College Art Association Annual

                Conference. Chicago. Feb. 2014.

“Breaking Earth’s Bond.” Boeing. Huntsville, AL: Nov. 2013.

“Here, some food we could not eat.” Elsewhere. Greensboro, NC: Jul. 2013.

The International Symposium on Electronic Art 2012: Machine Wilderness, Albuquerque, NM:

                 Sep. 2012. Awarded but unable to attend.

“Tarp Lake; Ephemeral Landscapes” Lowe Mill Arts, Huntsville, AL: Jul. 2012.

University of Alabama Birmingham, with honorarium. Birmingham, AL: Mar. 2012.

“The Rats Nest” University of Dayton, Dayton, OH: Jul. 2011.

“Exquisite Corpse Wigs” University of Dayton, Dayton, OH: Jun. 2011.

“Life After Grad School” Ohio University, Athens, OH: Jun. 2011.

“Cultivate Joy” Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA: Nov. 2010.

“Relevant2010” Kimball Arts Center, with honorarium. Park City, UT: Aug. 2010.

“Becoming Piano” Sculpture Space, Utica, NY: May 2010.

“Matchstick Dalmatian” Schermer Meeting Hall, Anderson Ranch Arts Center,

                Snowmass, CO: Mar. 2010.

“Radio Zipline” Spiro Arts, Park City, UT: Apr. 2009.

“Hockey Skates on Banana Peels” James Madison University, with honorarium.

                Harrisonburg, VA: Feb. 2009.

“The Benefit of Doubt” Eastern Mennonite University, with honorarium. Harrisonburg, VA: Oct. 2008.

“Enchanted Fugitives” James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA: Sep. 2008.

“Productive Ambiguity” Marshall University, Huntington, WV: Jan. 2006.


I-Park Foundation, Inc.

Stone Quarry Hill Art Park

University of Alabama Huntsville President’s House

Park City Museum

Blue Sky Project

Julie and Doug Nester, Julie Nester Gallery owners

Jim Dees, President of Virginia Watercolor Society

Ginger Tolman-Wolfe, Executive Director of Design Build Bluff

Frances Doyle


Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, official nominator for the 2017 Catherine Doctorow Prize for

              Contemporary Painting, a national $15,000 award recognizing exceptional emerging or

              mid-career American painters: Jul. 2016.

Washburn University Art Department’s High School Art Day event leader, involving the participation

              of nearly 30 volunteers, to host a day-long hight school workshop field trip opportunity.

              Over 130 high school art students from 11 regional high schools partook in the program.

              This also involved securing sponsorships, traveling and installing an exhibition of each

              participant’s work, and host an accompanying reception and awards ceremony.

Mulvane Art Museum, “Art Life After School,” panelist to discuss the Alumni Exhibition. Oct. 2014.

Washburn Art Student Association faculty sponsor. 2014-present.

Spaces, Biennial Sculpture Trail Committee, Huntsville, AL: 2011 - 2012.

Spiro Arts Director of Outreach, Park City, UT: 2009 - 2010.

Relevant 2010, Panelist and Artist Mentor, Kimball Arts Center, Park City, UT: Aug. 2010.

ArtSpark Graphic Designer, Park City, UT: 2009.

Spiro Arts Studio Manager, Park City, UT: 2009.


League Art Competition, Riley County High School, Riley County, KS. Mar. 2017.

Aaron Douglas Art Fair, Topeka, KS. Sep. 2016.

Gear for Sports campus (UnderArmor, Champion, Hanes), Internal Art Exhibition. Lanexa, KS.

               Apr. 2016.

Kansas Art Education Association, Youth Art Month competition, Kansas State Capital,

               juror with honorarium. Mar. 2016.

Mulvane Art Museum, “Mulvane Art Fair,” juror with honorarium. Jun. 2015.

Yates Center Regional League Art Competition, juror and critic, with honorarium. Apr. 2015.

Park City Kimball Arts Festival, juror, Park City, UT: Aug. 2010.


Metropolitan State University Denver, Assistant Professor, Sculpture Dept. 2017.

                -Three Dimensional Design. Fall 2017.

                -Introduction to Sculpture: Metals and Fabrication. Fall 2017.

                -Intermediate Sculpture. Fall 2017.

Washburn University, Catron Professor of Art. 2014 - present:

               -Advanced Sculpture. Spring 2017.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Spring 2017.

               -Introduction to Sculpture. Fall 2016.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Fall 2016.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Spring 2015.

               -BFA Professional Practices. Fall 2015.

               -Internship. Fall 2015.

               -BFA Workshop. Fall 2015.

               -BFA Senior Exhibition. Fall 2015.

               -Presenter/Participant, Water Colloquium. Fall 2015.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Spring 2015.

               -Art Forum. Spring 2015.

               -Two Dimensional Design. Fall 2014.


University of Alabama in Huntsville, Visiting Assistant Professor, Sculpture Dept. 2011 - 2014.

               -Casting. Spring 2014.

               -Installation/Environmental. Spring 2014.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Spring 2014.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Fall 2013.

               -Introduction to Sculpture. Fall 2013.

               -Intermediate & Advanced Fabrication. Fall 2013.

               -Independent Study. Fall 2013.

               -Carving. Spring 2013.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Spring 2013.

               -Introduction to Sculpture. Spring 2013.

               -Special Topics in Public Sculpture. Fall 2012.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Fall 2012.

               -Introduction to Sculpture. Fall 2012.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Summer 2012.

               -Installation/Environmental Sculpture. Spring 2012.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Spring 2012.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Fall 2011.

               -Introduction to Sculpture. Fall 2011.

               -Intermediate Assemblage. Fall 2011.

University of Michigan, Adjunct Faculty, School of Art & Design, Winter 2011.

               -Concept, Form & Context I: Human Being. Winter 2011.

Ohio University, College of Fine Arts, Instructor of Record, 2006 - 2008.

               -Drawing: Process and Synthesis. Spring 2008.

               -Digital Visualizing. Winter 2008.

               -Three Dimensional Design. Fall 2007.

               -Studio Concepts. Spring 2007. 


Washburn University

               -Kansas-Paraguay partnership host for visiting artists from Paraguay, 2015-16.

               -High School Art Day organizer. 2014-2016.

               -Washburn Art Student Association faculty sponsor. 2014-2016. 

               -Faculty mentor, for BFA candidate Tyler Quintin, Spring 2016.

               -Apeiron Committee member. 2014-2015.

               -Faculty mentor, for BFA candidate James Martin, Spring 2015.

               -Mulvane Art Museum Scale Exhibition co-organizer that folded together computer

                science and art departments, Dec 2015.

               -Washburn Art Student Association’s Aaron Douglas Art Fair ground crew Sep, 2014.

               -Art Department representative for Study-abroad fair, 2014.

University of Alabama Huntsville

               -NASAD self-study contributor for Sculpture Department. 2014.

University of Michigan

               -Guest presenter for Dr. John Marshall’s Concept, Form & Context course, Feb. 2011.

               -Guest presenter for Lily Cox Richard’s Concept, Form & Context course, Feb. 2011.

Ohio University

               -Dean’s Undergraduate Creative Research Grant (15K) review committee 

                member. 2008.

               -Teaching Assistant of undergraduate Sculpture 3 studio course. Winter 2007.

               -Teaching Assistant of undergraduate Sculpture 2 studio course. Fall 2006.

               -Teaching Assistant of undergraduate Sculpture 1 studio course. Spring 2006.


Johnson Elementary School. Visiting Artist Program, designed and implemented course project

               Johnson, VT: Jan. 2010.

Tandem Friends School Instructor for summer program’s “What’s Inside” and  “Woodworking”

               courses, Charlottesville, VA: Summer 2007.

Tandem Friends School Instructor for summer program’s “What’s Inside,”  “Woodworking,”

               and “Poetry” courses, Charlottesville, VA: Summer 2006.

Painting class instructor at The Chesapeake, an assisted living community, on behalf of LINK,

               a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing poverty in Tidewater, VA: Jul. 2003.


Assistant for International Artist Greg Stewart’s “Hymn to Hermes” Redux Art Center,

                Charleston, SC: Nov. 2010.

Project Operative for International Artist Duane McDiarmid’s “Trickster”, Thunder Basin, WO: Jun. 2009.

Assistant for international artist Amy Yoes. New York City: Mar. 2008.

Assistant for International artist Suguru Goto’s “Extended Body and Virtual Body”

                performance at Ridges Auditorium. I was technical assistant in building robotic arms

                worn by a performer at a drumset controlled by a performer in Second Life. Athens, OH: May  


Assistant for international artist collaborative Bartow+Metzgar’s exhibit “Collection/Intersection”

                work for Maryland Place’s show “Territory/Ambiguity,” Baltimore, MD: Feb. 2006.


Forge with Intention, Blacksmithing. Berthoud, CO. Summer 2017.

Buckeye Welding, Arc Welding. Denver, CO. Summer 2017.

Woodcraft, Bowl-Turning. Denver, CO. Summer 2017.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, CNC routing. Snowmass, CO. Summer 2017.

Woodcraft, Wood-Turning. Denver, CO. Summer 2017.

Buckeye Welding, TIG Welding. Denver, CO. Summer 2017.

712 Innovations, Raspberry Pie. Topeka, KS. Summer 2017.

Leaping Llamas, Basketry. Topeka, KS. Summer 2017.

712 Innovations, ShopBot CNC Router certification. Topeka, KS. Spring 2016.

712 Innovations, Epilog Digital Laser Cutter certification. Topeka, KS. Spring 2016.

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, Intro to Max/MSP/Jitter w/ Adam Rokhsar. New York

                City: Oct. 2010.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Digital Printing on Alternative Substrates w/ Emily Fannon

                Snowmass, CO: Mar. 2010.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Adobe Photoshop w/ Emily Fannon. Snowmass, CO: Mar. 2010.

Spiro Arts, Photo-Encaustic, w/ Daniella Woolf and Mark Maziarz. Park City, UT: Aug. 2009.


American Welding Society

Foundations in Art: Theory and Education

South Eastern College Art Conference

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center

Americans for the Arts

College Art Association

International Sculpture Center

The Institute for Figuring

Roy G. Biv, Columbus, OH

Artworks, Richmond, VA

Poetry Society of Virginia

Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts



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marin abell